Milton Keynes, UK

Description: Stream of Unconscious performance with Anthony Donovan. Dylan Nyoukis, Blood Stereo, Daniel Spicer, Sharon Gal, Adam Bohman & Adrian Northover, Tom White.


11/30/12 - Arnolfini

Bristol, UK

Description: Daku (Excerpt) at Extreme Rituals Festival. 


11/25/12 - Grrrnd Zero

Lyon, France

Description: With Rudolf, Joachim Montessuis


11/24/12 - Cave 12

Geneva, Switzerland

Description: Daku (First Performance). With Rudolf, Joachim Montessuis


11/23/12 - Embobineuze

Marseille, France 

Description: With Rudolf, Joachim Montessuis


11/21/12 - Instants Chavirez

Paris, France

Description: With Rudolf, Joachim Montessuis


11/02/12 - The Black Lodge

Huntington, WV

Description: With Zack Kouns and Mannequin Hollowcaust


11/03/12 - The Lodge

Athens, OH

Description: With Zack Kouns and Mannequin Hollowcaust


09/15/11 - Cafe 529

Atlanta, GA

Description: With Sudden Infant, Hopi Torvald, Graham Moore 


06/25/11 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: "Bed Bugs" LP Release Party with The Subliminator, Cycles, Compulsion Analysis and Kaontrol Kontraos.


05/26/11 - JJ's Bohemia

Chattanooga, TN

Description: "Dystopia 3.0" with Rat Babies, Neon Viking Funeral, Denounce, Secret Guilt, Pinkie the Princess of Pain and Lazarus Hellgate.


03/26/11 - The Green Womb

Nashville, TN

Description: Spirit Iron Knife, The Growth, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Hostage Pageant and more.


03/25/11 - Meow Manor

Murfreesboro, TN

Description:  The Growth, Extreme Teen Bible, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Hostage Pageant, Terror'ish.


11/05/10 - La Casa Encendida

Madrid, Spain

Description: Yuxtaposiciones 2010 Festival with Linton Kwesi Johnson,  Dirk Huelstrunk and Eloy Fernández Puerta.


09/23/10 - Eyedrum 

Atlanta, GA 

Description: Hopi Torvald, Graham Moore & Mike (Offerings)


09/21/10 - The Triple

Richmond, VA

Description: Hostage Pageant, Headmolt, Positivland, Scrappy Happy


09/20/10 - 700 Social Club  

Wilmington, DE  

Description: Hostage Pageant, Joe Breittenbach, Vales, Raw Kale, Weed Wolf


09/19/10 - JR's  

Philadelphia, PA  

Description: Hostage Pageant, Drums Like Machine Guns


Sat. 09/18/10 - Moviate

Harrisburg, PA  

Description: Hostage Pageant, Emma Cora


09/17/10 - The Shop

Pittsburgh, PA 

Description: Hostage Pageant, Requiem, Illusion of Safety, Travis Bird & Dan Burke, Hunted Creatures


09/1610 - The Funeral Home

Buffalo, NY 

Description: Hostage Pageant, Pacing, VWLS, Poverty Hymns, Gregorian Knights


09/15/10 - Now That's Class

Cleveland, OH  

Description: Shadow Self, Hostage Pageant, Lucha Eterna, Blood Bath and Beyond


09/1410 - Basement

Athens, OH 

Description: Hostage Pageant, Nyodene D, Vivi C. Diem, Bobb Hatt


09/13/10 - Battery Cages

Dayton, OH

Description: "Exquisite Sonic Corpse" recording session (did not perform)


09/12/10 - Far House

Ann Arbor, MI

Description: Hostage pageant


09/11/10 - Goat Shed

Dayton, OH   

Description: "Radix Show", Hostage Pageant, Orgasmic Response Unit, Teeth Collection + Mandible , Girlface Girl


09/10/10 - The Mockbee via Bunk

Cincinnati, OH

Description:  Hostage Pageant, Realicide


09/06/10: - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN 

Description:  "N.D.E. Tour Kickoff"Hostage Pageant, Justice Yeldham, Solypsis


07/28/10 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description:  "Radix w/ M. Peck", Hostage Pageant, M. Peck, The Growth


06/22/10 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description:  "Near Death Experience" LP Release Party with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Compulsion Analysis, The Growth


06/17/10 - ProjexX

Johnson City, TN

Description:  "The Reasons Why I Dream With Knives" show, with Rebecca Nagle.


05/16/10 - Palau de la Virreina

Barcelona, Spain

Description:  The International Poetry Festival (The Ugly Americans) with:  Bibbe Hansen, Eugene S. Robinson, Lydia Lunch.


05/12/10 - KKWNE

Paris, France

Description:  "The Reasons Why I Dream With Knives" with Anton Mobin & Colin Johnco.


05/10/10 - La Suite / Centre Culturel Alternatif

Paris France

Description: "Near Death Experience" LP release party with:  The Art of 2 1/2, and Pute au bored de l'eau.


05/07/10 - Gaengeviertel

Paris (live streamed to venue in Hamburg)

Description:  With Joachim Montessuis.


04/29/10 - La Miroiterie

Paris, France

Description:  (No video, no music, no mic, just extreme vocals.  With Super SS.


12/12/09 - Ratward

Richmond, Virginia 

Description: Headmolt, Buck Gooter, The Growth


12/11/09 - Pageant: Soloveev Gallery

Philadelphia, PA

Description:  With The Growth, Unicorn Hardon, Leslie Keffer & Scott Martin, White Suns, Fuck Montreal, Form A Log


12/09/09 - Garfield Artworks

Pittsburgh, PA

Description:  With Coyotes By The Way, The Growth, RJ Myato, Requiem


12/08/09 - The Little Grill Collective

Harrisonburg, VA

Description: With Buck Gooter, The Growth, Bengine and Hostetter


04/18/2009  - The Farm House       

Pounding Mill, Virginia

Description: Mannequin Hollowcaust & William Wesley & the Tiny Sockets


03/28/09 - The Green Womb

Nashville, TN

Description: with Todd (Kaontrol Kontraos manipulating my vocals), Language of Light, Waters Martin Woodwind and Fire, and Double Dragon


03/07/2009  - The Screamin Eagle Pub       

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Description: with Mannequin Hollowcaust, The Petafylers, Trace the Veins


03/05/2009  - The Raw Haus     

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Description: Mannequin Hollowcaust, Texas Prison Rodeo, Dr. Device and Counter Cosby


03/04/2009  - Dayton Dirt Collective     

Dayton, Ohio 

Description: Mannequin Hollowcaust, Andersen Prunty, Evolve & Swill, and John Maloney


01/30/2009 - The Hideaway 

Johnson City, TN

Description:  Michael Peck’s "Dysmha" CD release party.  With M. Peck, Mark Mahoney, and Dirt Worship.  (For the finale we all played together and I read the "CDC FAQ about HPV".)


01/10/2009 - The Hideaway      

Johnson City, TN

With Subliminator, Tree Creature & Dirt Worship. 

Description:  I did Chinese Rock 'n' Roll karaoke with no music, Loopies & R.L.S. Pig Fucking Story


11/22/2008 - The Hideaway       

Johnson City, TN

With Killbot, Mannequin Hollowcaust and M. Peck.  

Description:  "Busting Open" CD release party:  Nikki & Jason Engagement Party - "Wanted" & Brain Death


11/19/2008 - The New Music House    

Tallahassee, Florida

With Irene Moon & BARNWAVE 

Description:  Bed Bugs II


11/14/2008 - Black Box Collective    

Orlando, Florida

Description:  Quarterly Noise Report 1st quarter disclosure proceedings + Noise Briefing Two day Noise Symposium - (Too many bands to list)


10/17/08 - E.T.S.U.

Johnson City, TN

Description:  Homecoming Poetry Jam / Saul Williams (Short tales from jail)


10/11/08 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

With:   Xrin Arms, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Killbot

Description: I Performed "Bed Bugs II" / Xrin Arms last tour.


08/02/08 - Chez Seany Poo

Nashville, TN

With: The Growth, Them Natives, Leslie Keffer & Val Martino, Tiny Concept, Lost October, Projexorcism


07/07/2008  - Pehrspace

Los Angeles, California

With: Captain Ahab, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, Kevin Shields and Christopher Cichocki.


07/06/2008  - The Witchdome

Sacramento, California

With: Captain Ahab, Green Greenz


07/05/2008  - Hemlock Tavern

San Francisco, California

With: Battlehooch, 60 Watt Kid and Captain Ahab


07/04/2008 - Golden Gate Park

San Francisco, California

With: Captain Ahab, Bloody Snowman +

Description:  "4th of July Party in the Park"


07/01/2008  - Chasers

San Diego, California

With Captain Ahab and The Yiffs


06/29/2008  - The Smell

Los Angeles, California

With Captain Ahab, Warm Streams, Xrin Arms, Flaspar, I.E., Holy Water

Description : Cool In The Pool Day 1


03/28/2008 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

With Steve Mackay and Radon Ensemble, The Growth, and The Scams.

Description:  I read Hipponax & Arxhilochus


03/03/2008 - Chez Seany Poo

Nashville, TN

With Lucas Abela/Justice Yeldham, Koonda Holaa, Language of Light, Leslie Keffer.

Description: "Sign It ! (Live) Performance 


11/28/2007 - Emmetrop

Bourges, France

Description:"Sex, Drugs and Institutions" Live solo performance.


11/24/2007 - CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art

Bordeaux, France

Description: Burn Out - Post Crash (Festival) with: Giuseppe lelasi + Thomas Ankersmit (Italie/Pays Bas), Samon Takahashi (France), Jorg Piringer (Autriche), Raionbashi and Kutzkelina (Berlin), Manuela Barile (Italie).


11/22/2007 - Palais De Tokyo

Paris, France

Description:Erratum Presents: Art Noise Poetry. With Jorg Piringer.  I did "Sex, Drugs and Institutions" for "The Third Mind".


11/20/2007 - Bowery Poetry Club

New York, New York

Description: Study Abroad on the Bowery Presents: On Craft- Bryan Lewis Saunders speaks on "How I got into the art of Spoken Word in Tennessee and why he calls his work, "Stand-Up Tragedy". He also discusses influences such as Lydia Lunch, Steven Jesse Bernstein and the likes.


10/13/2007 - The Springwater

Nashville, TN

Description: With The Mattoid, and The Aquariums


10/07/2007 - The Gypsy Hut

Cincinnati, Ohio

Description: With Realicide, Foreign Soil


10/06/2007 - Jono's house

Dayton, Ohio

Description: With Being, Jono, Robert Inhuman


08/22/2007 - Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With Realicide, Captain Ahab, The Growth. (Captain Ahab was confrontational with love.)


06/29/2007 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With Realicide + Kevin Shields + Tik///tik + Mannequin H. (Stacie got kicked and I got choked show.)


06/13/2007 - KHM

Cologne, Germany

Description:"Public Service Announcement" Solo video show in TV studio with agressive narration.


06/10/2007 - Trodler-Bar

Berlin, Germany

Description: "Fuel" - With Zen Paradox & Stop the Disco Mafia.


05/18/2007 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With Z'ev + Sikhara + The Growth + Legions of Destro Iscariot. (Magical)


05/11/2007 10:30 PM - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With Ocoai, Stopsign Asshole, The Scams. (Travis and Sarah Wedding Anniversary Party)


04/27/2007 10:00 PM - The Hideaway

Johnson City, Tennessee

Description: With Hentai Lacerator. (My first show with videos)


09/14/2006 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With Disco Dis' Don't and Grand Buffet.


08-25-06 - The Hideaway

Johnson City, TN

Description: With the Growth.   (I was sucker punched on stage by an audience member.)


05-06-05 - Desalle Auditorium / Cranbrook Museum

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Description: Cranbrook Video Fest 2005.  "Where's Mao Now When You Need Him ?"


04-13-05 - E. Walnut St.

Johnson City, TN

Description:  "Where's Mao Now When You Need Him ?"