Mixed and produced by Bryan Lewis Saunders
All music from manipulated vocal recordings.
Artwork: Théo Mercier

Recorded while in and out of sleep on October 10th, 2009
  • 1 - Torso - 30:05
"TORSO" is the third release in my dream series. Over the last five years I have conditioned myself to record dreams in my sleep by awaking in the night and describing dreams and then by leaving the recorder on I continue the dialogue as I fall asleep again and then later continue the narration through somniloquy. I have termed this the "stream of (un)concosciousness method". No dialogue is omitted or censored, as everything spoken is essential to revealing the unconscious.


1 - Spray

Tastes like a leopard
Tastes like a leopard
Sprayed in my mouth
Or a cougar on a string
I had my mouth open
And a
Ten foot twelve foot
Marking there territory
Into my mouth
And I have a bad
Bad mouth
Taste in the mouth
And I never did anything to them
Cougars and the jaguars like that
Ask for any of that
And did it on their own
They're so villainous
I guess I'll have to kick 'em

2 - Hollywood

On the Hollywood
Walk of fame
Where all the stars are
I unzipped my pants
And exposed myself pulling out my balls
And I put my balls
In Marilyn Monroe's hands
And had pictures taken of myself
With every Hollywood celebrity star
With my testicles in their hands
Jim Carey, testicles
In his hands
Tom Hanks
Holding my testicles
And I have a lot of pictures
And call it
"The Hollywood Stars Got My Balls In The Palm Of Their Hands"
And I sit down exposing
Legs spread
In Public on the sidewalk

3 - Party Crashers

I don't think we were invited
Or a band or cloud cover
Sometimes they just gotta be run off
Do it again with that in mind
Can't be too careful
She's right
She's always right
He seems to like
Everything post
Post this art
Hollywood is
Going on
In a different field or park
Now isolate yourself
Put that in your ass
If you're gonna defend a piece of glass
That's how you do it

4 - Milk vs. Soda

Can I taste your pussy?
That way I'll know if I get off
The longer it tastes my
On the breath of your
Own lips
Everyone knows how to survive milk
Everyone knows
They're just not sharing it with each other
They have their own personal secret
On how they're gonna survive the price of milk
Then suck it
Known us bestowed upon spilled soda upon pussy
Daddy thought you might like the skin
You might like to kill daddy after you see it
It's pretty demeaning
The female side of the
Human being
So don't take that away from me
Listen carefully

5 - Torso

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our token
Everybody this is our token
Our token Jew
And to our Jews left
This is our token wet spot
Now clap
Since you'd see that
Don't you hurt those people
(fart sound)
Before federal court pop
Was the judge
Supreme President
We call him Farter Carter
Because of the peanut beans
Gave him gas
I got 'em
Should I stab him?
I might backfire
They might shoot us
We'll give it a shot
Right now their torsos are clumsy
And they have no focus
I warn
When I stab him in the torso
The torsos are gonna be a lot more focused
But I have a mission and a purpose
Chocolate pudding
Just Jell-o
Putti-ablo Picasso
You're doing it wrong
Don't take the fight to the farm
Take the farm to the fight
Use muscle
Might like to suck on a dick
Cause he's so stupid

6 - War

Un-stiff shoes
That'll wake him up
Breath mints and chocolate
And piss in his favorite cup
That'll wake him up
Didn't have dying vets too
Patients in the disease of war are different you see
They don't get the same disease
That's why
Adult lies
In World War I
About their distemper shots
And World War II was all about the
World War III is just a mystery
I don't think you like it
True friends are above the fray
And live to play another day
Without their shots
You can suggest whatever you want
Doesn't mean we're gonna play along
We're gonna do
What we do
Separate from you
In the hopes that we can work it
Put a move on
It's all they have left
Stop it
Stop it stop it, stop it

7 - Shoot It

Thanks for keeping 'em for us
And play Diana to you
Probably gonna buy it off of everyone
Get ready for the torso
Choke them
And they get you to buy the
Buy the
Equipment from them
It's a set up
They're all sleazeballs
Take 'em out into the woods
If you don't I will
If the milk comes back to us
Wants to be part of the mess
Shoot it
If the chocolate milk wants to leave with us, shoot it