Missing Child (Live)


Nikki Hamblin invited me to perform at an art party in Johnson City, TN. I thought I would do it up right; with face paint and props consisting of Doll Babies, GHB, candy, marshmallows, balloons, Roofies, a box cutter and knife, hot dogs a globe and music/videos etc...At that time the Jessica Lunsford case had been in the news again and was weighing heavily on my mind. I had been given 2 VHS tapes to re-edit and use, should I so chose. One a homemade Girls Gone Wild video by Chad Head, and the other Psychic TV's 1st video titled, "The Mad Doctor". I had 2 days to prepare, but the end result was perfect. A powerful performance appropriately titled, "Missing Child".

Nikki Hamblin - Art Space

Jason McKinney - Camera

Russell Hughes - Bubbles

Produced, mixed and edited by Bryan Lewis Saunders.

Signed and numbered. Edition of 10

  • 1 - White Girls Gone Crazy - 14:04
  • 2 - Puppy Love - 8:00
  • 3 - Subject In Question - 3:16
  • 4 - Healing The World - 12:00
Missing Child (Live)