Published by: Outfall Channel
Vocals by Bryan Lewis Saunders. Music by Z'EV (created solely from vocals). Recorded by Phil Leonard. Mixed and mastered by Z'EV. Art by Jonathan Prunty.
  • 1 - Intro - 1:20
  • 2 - The Absurdity Of Pain - 11:42
  • 3 - Giving It A Name - 5:28
  • 4 - The Philosophy Of The Anti-Hole And Hole - 5:14
  • 5 - Embracement - 13:13
Bryan Lewis Saunders delivers a feverish spoken word journey through a mysterious stomach ailment attributed to an elusive & abusive entity known as Daku… Accompanied by legendary percussionist Z'EV's sound work. The professionally printed and pressed cd is packaged inside a gatefold mailer that has been painted twice, sanded and finished with a two color screenprint front and back…