Published by: Anti Everything Noise

Thanks to:
Audra Dawn Fleming, Leah and Gary (Head Molt), Dave Toecutter, Nicole and last but not least craigslist.

Cover Art by Leah Peah
Edition of 50

  • 1 - craigslist - 12:00
  • 2 - Wanted - 12:00
On this release Mr. Brain Sander explores the lubed underbelly of everyone's favorite internet classifieds. A depraved recital of wanted ads, erotic services and adult casual encounters. Possibly the most sexually perverse song ever recorded. Backing Music provided by HEAD MOLT and TOECUTTER !

Side A: Craigslist
Music by Head Molt

Side B: Wanted
Music by Toecutter (Best Party Ever 12 Min. Roulè Dub)

Lyrics and Vocals by Bryan Lewis Saunders

Review by Rockhausen:

I’m really having fun producing these mixes for the show each week, and this one might be the best yet… if also the most…. uh… edgy? Francis E Dec rants, Boyd Rice promises a post-nuclear holocaust trip to Disneyland, that guy with the Brooklyn accent from that Sexual Pleasures record everyone samples explains a newfangled thing called buttsex and the reality of the female anus (you see, western males still didn’t have butts until the 1980s when Man 2 Man enticed Americans everywhere to join a gym… when they weren’t enticing them to have more buttsex–cha-ching!!), Michael Richards singing along to Bonanza while driving a bus (thankfully keeping his racism in check), and some other things (mostly bowling related), all book ended by Mr Brain Sander… and craigslist… Holy fucking shit. This tape deserves a review right now…

Released late last year on Head Molt’s AEN label, Mr Brain Sander’s Craigslist is a spoken word performance piece comprised entirely of “casual encounter” cutups, rearranged for maximal impact, delivered through a big bullhorn by Mr Sander in his best impersonation of a drill-sargent (pun intended) turned street-preacher, with not a single hold barred. Side A (”Craigslist”) features backing music (err… noise) by Head Molt. I call this one the “scary side”. Side B (”Wanted”) features music by Toecutter. That’s the “fun side”. It’s the same vocal performance on each side, so I assume this was all produced via mail or the Internet. The first time I put this tape in my car stereo (my only cassette deck at the time) I almost immediately felt the urge to turn it off… Or in the least turn it down, so no one in a nearby car might overhear it. I was no stranger to the work of Mr Brain Sander (aka Bryan Lewis Saunders), and knew that whatever this tape had in store, it was going to make me slightly uncomfortable but would probably also provoke a lot of food for thought on our human condition. Saunders a master of doing just that. But the mile-a-minute onslaught this tape spews forth from the first tick gave me the ultrawillies… I began to wonder if this time Saunders had gone too far… I also wondered if both he (distributor) and I (consumer) were going to end up in jail for this tape. But then again, just like those sunny-summer-skipalong-day surprise encounters with splattered roadkill, or the dude when he was still shocking, sometimes being unexpectedly slapped by the “darker” side of Momma Nature’s hand can be very captivating and, dare I say it, good for you. With that in mind, I held on and after a few minutes the dark clouds of repulsion began to dissipate and my comfortability level returned to normal. The words and images flew by so quickly that my mind could barely process them. It was hypnotic, almost soothing. Then it became hilarious. I began to laugh my fucking ass off. Really, who can hold it together in the face of phrases like cum-filled beer bong and free Virgin Mobile ringtone phone pussy phone home, being carnival-barked to the tune of “Best Party Ever“?!? By the time I got through the Toecutter side I felt… baptized. What’s really interesting to me is how the context of either Head Molt or Toecutter accompanying something this… lewd?… can influence the overall effect of Saunders’ vocal performance and result in such different emotional responses from the listener. Admittedly, I still find Side A pretty unnerving. But the more I listen to Side B the more it makes me smile, even if I’m still shaking my head a bit when I do. And I can’t wait to drop it one night on a gathering of unsuspecting party people. Best party ever. Ok, maybe that makes me a sicko, but at least I’m not like YOU people, posting your oh so naughty personal ads on craigslist… keep up the good work! And perhaps Mr Sander will see fit to deliver us a sequel! Enjoy the mix!

(Rockhausen 11/11/09 Canned Fruit)