Stream of Unconscious Vol. 9

Ltd. Ed. C90 Chrome Cassette

Vocals by Bryan Lewis Saunders
Music by Leif Elggren and John Moloney
Art and Design by Alice Salyer

Edition of 80
Comes with 8 page booklet of text
  • 1 - Leif Elggren "Double Sleep" - 45:00
  • 2 - John Moloney "Pyro" - 30:30
Stream of Unconscious Vol.  9
Sound poetry, but of a different kind is by Bryan Lewis Saunders, who records his dreams and sends these out for 're-mix' by others. Volume 9 had a copying error, otherwise it would have also been in Vital Weekly 873. Leif Elggren is no stranger to the land of sleep and dreams, having already done a book and CD 'Zzzz'. His approach is surely the most conceptual for this series. In one channel we hear Saunders' dreams and sleep sounds, while Elggren is vast asleep in the other channel. Maybe, or maybe not, there is an element of 'processing' his sleep sounds, but that is wide open for debate, I think. Moloney is from the 'big Dayton noise scene' and uses mainly voice but here also the field recordings of a fire. Saunders' dream recording seems mostly absent here, oddly enough. Splitting channels seems to be a favorite here too, and there is actually most of the time no voice to be detected here, and the fire recordings are a bit treated so it sounds like rain on a barrel. Quite interesting sound wise, although highly minimal with slow changing sounds, this seems all rather far fetched from the world of Saunders and his captured dreams. This volume is indeed one of the stranger ones from the series so far. (FdW) Vital Weekly 875