Stream of Unconscious Vol. 12

Ltd. Ed. C60 Chrome Cassette

Vocals by Bryan Lewis Saunders
Music by Hopek Quirin and Fantom Auditory Operations ~ Michael Esposito
Art and Design by Alice Salyer

Edition of 80
Comes with 8 page booklet of text
  • 1 - Hopek Quirin "Your Excellency" - 29:25
  • 2 - Fantom Auditory Operations ~ Michael Esposito "White-Flag-Flagpole" - 29:59
Stream of Unconscious Vol.  12
Hopek Quirin 'played bass, guitar and knives'. He plays these in a rather improvising mood, I think, but he also plays them very sparsely. If you do hear them, they might have the shape of a small humble drone. Saunders' voice plays a more important role than the music here, so it seems, which is a pity - it could have been more in balance, I should think. It makes it all a bit too obscure for my taste. Fantom Auditory Operations are Michael Esposito and Bryan Lewis Saunders. Ah that explains. Esposito (see also elsewhere) is a master of recording speech that 'is not quite there'm voices from beyond, the so-called EVP. This is actually quite an obscure side, maybe the most obscure of the whole series, partly because it seems nothing else is going here than just Lewis his voice and maybe a bit of a sound processing, but we can't be too sure about it. Partly its perhaps because its not easy to hear what the voices are about. Quite mysterious all together, and perhaps obscure to, but this is a totally different kind of obscurity. Here we don't know any better and music is absent, so that's what it is. These twelve volumes have been a most strange journey through some odd nocturnal activity. Many highs, few lows, usually just great. (FdW) Vital Weekly 888