Stream of Unconscious Vol. 11

Ltd. Ed. C50 Chrome Cassette

Vocals by Bryan Lewis Saunders
Music by Offerings and Requiem
Art and Design by Alice Salyer

Edition of 80
Comes with 8 page booklet of text
  • 1 - Offerings "Crazy Is Special You Are For One" - 22:38
  • 2 - Requiem "The Weaver Box" - 24:20
Stream of Unconscious Vol.  11
we start with volume 11, which has Offerings and Requiem. The first only says 'recorded in purpose 2010' and for the side of Requiem we see (David Graham), we is, on both accounts not a lot to go by. Musically they are wide apart. Offerings create one loop of involving a drum machine, some synth sounds and a sequence, and the Saunders dream material is pushed towards the back, most of the time. It doesn't sound like dream/sleep material, but that's perhaps because of the somewhat more industrialized soundtrack that is on offer here. It sounds like one of those throw away early Throbbing Gristle loops, and genuinely retro, but quite nice at such. It's indeed something entirely different that what Requiem is doing on the other side. Here we have something that sounds like amplified hiss from the background, very quiet and a bit drone like, in which the voice of Saunders is very nicely embedded. This is the piece I actually liked best, but perhaps its also the more predictable one? (FdW) Vital Weekly 888