La Troisième Oreille et Autres Textes

Book with CD
Published by: Rip on/off
(French Language Only)

Auido CD credits:

Track 1,2 by Ayn Morgan
Track 6 with Nicole Bailey
Track 13 with Anton Mobin and Bryan Lewis Saunders
La Troisième Oreille et Autres Textes

Third Ear Documents

CD Track Listing

2-The Hearing Test
3-Stage 1: Aural Eigengrau
4-Saliva Sucking
6-Telephone Call
7-Stage 2: Literal Silence
8-Bellflower Speaks
9-Stage 3: Purgatory
10-Glans Brain
11-A Love Supreme
12-Stage 4: The Elements of Sound
13-Third Ear Improvisation