Der Muter Objekt Fur Die Hunde

Published by: Blossoming Noise
Z'EV and Bryan Lewis Saunders remix Kommissar Hjuler und Frau's "Anticipation of the Generalized Other"
  • 1 - Der Muter Objekt by Z'EV -
  • 2 - Fur Die Hunde by Bryan Lewis Saunders - 23:17
Der Muter Objekt Fur Die Hunde
Here we have Kommissar Hjuler un Frau working with z'ev and Bryan Lewis Saunders in their ongoing (seemingly) endless series of disjointed mail collaborations. Fantastic and absurd! As with all BN tapes this one comes with two vinyl stickers (these feature a self portrait by Saunders done especially for the hounds) and a 1" button. Limited to 100 copies. - Blossoming Noise